Qdoba’s Network is Kept Secure by Consolidated Solutions Offered by Fortinet

Qdoba-coupon-300x243Fortinet® is a leading company that deals with unified threat management and provides network security. Now the firm is working together with Qdoba and it provides firewall appliances, filtering of web contents and virtual private network to Qdoba’s main offices and to its locations in the United States.

Qdoba has chosen Fortinet because the company is experienced in remote management of locations and dealing with space limitations. The aim of Qdoba was to have a united network-based security for all locations owned by the corporation. Considering the space limits, Qdoba required an effective and consolidated solution, so the management trusted Fishnet Security to develop a list of possible providers.

Some of the decisive factors about choosing Fortinet were their experience, effective security solutions, great performance and the cost-efficiency of their product. Fortinet also offered great management capabilities provided by their special platform called FortiManager. The platform allows IT specialists to quickly analyze any network problems and to solve them efficiently. Qdoba’s managers don’t have to work with the platform because it is created in a way that staff can work with it without any extra training. Qdoba also uses an analysis tool that helps the IT specialists to come up with weekly reports about the network.

Scott Bleau is an IT director at Qdoba. He explained they have selected Fortinet because they needed an effective network security solution that would be suitable for the separate locations and would provide exclusive network security. Fortinet offered solutions that were appropriate for the specific needs of Qdoba, such as the limited space and the overall consolidated approach.

The appliances used by Fortinet combine various network security features in one device that easily fits the space available in the restaurants. Qdoba has implemented the appliances in all locations of the company in the USA.

In addition, Qdoba uses Fortinet’s appliances in their main office. Thus, a special VPN link can be established between the main office and each location and this link ensures a stable, secure and effective communication.

Recently Fortinet has increased its popularity among enterprises similar to Qdoba because of the consolidated approach to network security the company uses. It provides high quality network security and centralized management, and this combination has proved to be effective for companies with distributed locations that want to make sure both their headquarters and their shops are secure.

The appliances implemented by Fortinet combine various features, such as filtering of web content, antivirus, prevention of intrusion, firewall, anti-spam, VPN and shaping of the traffic. The systems are constantly updated automatically, so that all clients can be absolutely sure their protection is always first-rate and no viruses, intrusions and worms can damage their networks.

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